Created by Catherine Johnston, The Jaunty Cocoon offers unique contemporary wallpaper for the modern home. A print designer who’s worked across the British high street for 15 years, Catherine’s designs bridge the gap between the worlds of fashion and interiors. The starting point was Scandinavian art - the thick and thin line drawings that have a gorgeous, organic quality and say 'someone drew this by hand.’ Offbeat and unexpected shapes come together and add a lighthearted sense of humour. In Catherine’s hands, tropical foliage prints have a beautiful linear quality, providing a new spin on a traditional favourite. She uses flat, bright colours that pack a punch and also lend a modern edge. A project with roots founded in quality, craft and made-in-the-UK manufacturing, Catherine works with one of the oldest printers in England to produce her small batch of wallpaper. Whether you are looking to paper an accent wall or a whole room, The Jaunty Cocoon’s individual designs will provide a talking point.